piano band leader

Hungary's unique world music formációja2006 was founded Jager Bandi vezetésével.Közismert Sephardic, Middle Eastern folk songs re-interpretation of traditional folk music a special touch of jazz interpretation of the ensemble made up of nationally recognized jazz musicians and singers of songs and instrumental forms can be heard. The band wants to play that role between East and West, a bridge to unite the peoples of music, culture,













Playing the piano since the age of 6, the absolute hearing at the age of 18, was born jazz piano department conducted. The first authentic Latin pianist in Hungary. The Latin music and Latin jazz piano -kultúra Creator of a home.

15 years deals with Latin and jazz music (Spanish, Cuban, Chilean, South American musicians playing together) more than 20 disks can be heard playing piano,

compositions, orchestrations two gold and two platinum records got them

Gaspar Laci Night Enchanted Animal Cannibals, a better world

I worked with: Gyula Babos, Fatima, Takács Nikolas, Toth Vera, Andrea Malek, Eszter Biro,

In 1998, Alex Acunával played with Faith Park in Budapest in 2004 formed his own Latin band called Salsa Cubano.

In 2004, the formation of the Group Jager Bandi Jazz band

In 2005, George Benson have played together in Szeged.

In 2005, Schmidt founded the Barbi Jager & Soul Hungary's first R & B-soul band.

In 2006, the formation of the joint Jazzrael

Album released in 2006 by Jager Bandi Sky Light

In 2007 he was awarded for his efforts in the Latin American culture which promotes Charts of the Mexican ambassador.



One of the discoveries of the 2005 megastar who has his own song in front of the jury's color, which earned him a special prize competition! Gábor Presser own compositions also took with him who also congratulated him.

a well-known singing sister Esther Biro: Vodku Glodku, Peter beam, and Csézy Different world music and pop productions financial advisor Jazzrael singer from 2006.



Since the beginning of the age of ten double bass, and in 1995 I enrolled in the national library of ten double bass with János Egri was a teacher. I started playing bass after two years of intensive self-taught learning. After some time, I have an invitation to meet, jazz music is very old, Balog Chick Jeno's band. Then a series of actions occurred. Then I had the pleasure to play with Bela Lakatos Szakcsi. Later, young friends founded ensemble (Trio Heaven), which meant my first major competition of the first prize in the 1998 MAY Jazz Competition. In 2000, Olah Arpad Czumo invited the band to act. With this formation we have achieved great success in 2001 in Germany, but Ander Danube; I graduated from the International Jazz Hoeliaart best bőgőseként Europa in Brussels. May 2003 30th I placed first in the Peter Dando Jazz Bass Talent Versenyen.Nagy names of my life: Tony Lakatos, Chico Freeman, John Patitucci, Rick Marticca, Olah Kalman, Ann Malcolm, Torsten Devinkel, Tamás Berki, maple William, Emilio, Rácz Kati, Kőszegi Imre Lakatos Béla Szakcsi, Gyula Babos, Germany Francis, Csepreg Gyula, Jonás Rezsõ, Snétberger Ferenc.Jelenlegi bands in which I play: Jazzrael, lFinuchi Bross Berki Band, Jager Soul, Salsa Cubano

Reference audio: You Know My Name is Pluto, Berki Band: The Bridge, Jávori Sound Machine: Rainbow mountains, Emilio: Very High World Rácz Kati new album, Sound & Vision Magazine demo album, Czumo: My Time.



In 2002 he won the Hungarian Radio Bartók Tax chief editors - the same year tender young jazz drummers for - talent contest.

The skewers are still only in their early thirties Andras Lakatos, ten years ago was a musician within BMC Records, where as a member of the Szakcsi Lakatos Trio recorded the publisher released Na Dara! drive by.

A generation of musicians talked about one of the best drummers Among other partners of the Hungarian jazz scene a number of important players such as Kalman Olah, Gyula Babos, Michael Barber, Tony Lakatos and Robert Szakcsi.

My formation of the skewers Lakatos Trio has two younger musicians he can (and skewers with Krisztián Adorján) proved that a mature game, mature technique belies their age.


Railwaymen School of Music he studied from 1986-88 and the national library's studio. Between 1988 and '92 he graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music Jazz Department.

More Minna I have 10 years teaching experience.

Kőbánya Music Studio saxophone and orchestra practice until 2000-2012 I was a teacher and worked at the Mailman School of Music in 2001-2003 is up.

Current band: Budapest Jazz Orchestra (I am a founding member)

I was a member: Aladar Pege Quarttjének, György Ferenczi & Herfli Davidson, Corner Dely, the Jazz & ..

As a Contributor including: Cotton Club Singers, Charlie, Zséda, Z. & Ganxta Cartel, Matthew P tribute band Back II Black, Jacky Orszáczky, Syrius,

As a musician, arranger and worked as a megastar in all 6 series from the \ "Popdaráló \" and \ "Let's do the festival \ 's TV music programs.

Some of the artist, respectively. Recording has collaborated with Bon-Bon, Deák Bill W, Presser G. Andrew Pájer, Somló T., Dopeman, Edda, Private Z. Narayan Erika, Turkey Adam & Mini, TNT, Emil Rulez, etc.

I performed almost all domestic and many foreign festivals: Novis, Kosice, Lugano, Gronau, Montreux, Cannes, Vienna, Berlin, Ljubljana, Paris, Brussels, Isztambu, etc.

In addition, playing with radio-television, film and music recordings. (Disney Studio, Miklós Jancsó, c. A-film Argo Barley)